Bearwalker(Dawgwalker OG X Unicorn) Medium-heavy yields, Heavy euphoric stimulation, wonderfull Kush/Chemdawg flavor. difficuklt to grow not for beginners. only suitable for the real brave bear walkers of our time.

CoolAid(Lodi Dodi X Unicorn) Heavy-Very heavy yielding, great mind and body stimulation. does well indoor aswell as outdoor. Very fruity terp profile suitable for any level of grower

Cripps Pink(Blood Hound X Unicorn) Heavy-very heavy yielding, this plant has very Resistant to mold/mildew. One of a kind sour, kush, fruit punch terp profile, is wondrous to grow outdoor. she finishes with alot of color. suitable for any level of grower.

D.B. Treasure(D.B. Cooper X Unicorn) Medium-very Heavy yielding, top of the line mite aswell as mold/mildew resistance. With a complex terp profile sure to please even the top cannabis connoisseur. Blueberry/Bubbleum punch with a kush linger. Great for outdoor in the northwest united states (finished by Oct.1st). perfect for all levels of fgrowers

Purple Danq(Purple Punch X Unicorn) low-medium yields, very high quality flowers, Extreme Terp profile Citrus/grapes/melon that hits the palet on every hit through the whole bowl. very strong stimulation. advanced growers only(for best results)

Ricky Bobby Og(Tire Fire Og X Unicorn) Medium-Heavy yielding, very heavy producing Og strain. carries all the quality from the Original Og kush in a New F1 hybrid. kush/sandelwood flavor with a very berry linger on the tongue. dpes well indoor aswell as outdoor. great for any level of grower.

Ros'e(Dosidos X Unicorn) heavy-very Heavy yielding, very tight flowers, good resistance to mold/mildew. very kushy/Cookie/musk terp profile. strong couchlock on the stimulation. ease to grow, ready for any grow level. 

Sludge Hammer(9lb Hammer X Unicorn)

Medium-Very heavy Yielding, Very light green flowers with hints o purple/pink. wonderful terp profile. Musky/sweet/sour/fruity/cantaloupe terps. very good mite an Mold/mildew resistance. ready for outdoor or indoor cultivation. good for any level of grower. does better as a multiple topped bush.

Starlord(Skywalker X Unicorn)

Heavy-very heavy yielding, strong euphoric stimulation, Berry/Blueberry/kush terp profile, does great in any outdoor climates. suggested for any level of grower. 

Super Trooper(Super Gloo X Unicorn) Medium-Very heavy yielding, Very strong body stimulating effects when consumed, Earthy/chem/haze/Fruit punch/kush terp profile, wonderous Mite/mold resistance, does well outdoor in any climate, a oldschool cross everyone has been waiting for.

Unicorn Bacon(Marmalate X Unicorn) Medium - Very Heavy yielding, Grape/Citrus/hash/Berry terp profile, does great indoor aswell as outdoor. 7wk bloom on most pheno, top of the line mold/mite/mildew resistance. ready for any level of grower.

Hemp seeds Available:

The Mistress(The Wife X the Wife IBL) 27/1 cbd/Thc

X-52(Seed producing hemp) >0.03 Thc%

Chinese Hemp(Fiber producing hemp) >0.03 thc %


D.b.cooper, Shiva Og, Gooeyduck, Knight rider, Pink Panther,

Mint Chip, Pie Breath, Rango 


Pegasus: Pinkalicious X Unicorn